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Draft Water Reclamation Facility Master Plan – Nov 2016


For a brief summary of the draft report, click on the link below

Morro Bay Draft WRF Master Plan Brief Summary

For the executive summary of the draft FMP, click on the link below

Morro Bay Draft WRF Master Plan Executive Summary


For preliminary visual simulations of the WRF lift station, click on the link below

Preliminary Lift Station Visual Simulations (Feb 2017)


Download the full document here

Morro Bay Draft WRF Master Plan – Full Document


For faster downloads, click the links below for individual sections

Cover, Full Table of Contents, Abbreviations and Acronyms

Morro Bay Draft WRF Master Plan – Cover and Table of Contents

Chapters 1-6

Morro Bay Draft WRF Master Plan – Chapters 1-6

Chapter 7

Morro Bay Draft WRF Master Plan – Chapter 7

Chapters 8-12

Morro Bay Draft WRF Master Plan – Chapters 8-12


Morro Bay Draft WRF Master Plan Appendices


For Reference – Brief Table of Contents and List of Appendices

1.0 – Introduction

2.0 – Regulatory Requirements

3.0 – Plant Flow and Loading Analysis

4.0 – Liquid Treatment Technologies Evaluation

5.0 – Solids Management / Treatment Alternatives Evaluation

6.0 – Preliminary Process Design

7.0 – Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Site Development

8.0 – Collection System Facilities

9.0 – Analysis of Potential Potable Reuse Options

10.0 – Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Decommissioning

11.0 – Preliminary Sustainability Evaluation

12.0 – Preliminary Opinion of Probable Cost

Appendix A – Master Reference List

Appendix B – Overview of Title 22 Reuse Regulations

Appendix C – Evaluation of Peak Hourly Flow Peaking Factor

Appendix D – Probability of Peaking Factor for Loads

Appendix E – Overview of Process Modeling

Appendix F – Influent Flow Equalization Analysis

Appendix G – Equipment Overview

Appendix H – Engineer’s Opinion of Probably Construction Cost (MB only)

Appendix I – Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Cost (with CSD)


Contact Info

Eric Casares
WRF Program Manager
595 Harbor Street
Morro Bay, CA 93442
(559) 240-2739

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